Timeless Prodigy Pack:

Timeless Prodigy Pack:
D-Tox Champagne Jelly:
This delicate melting jelly prepared with French champagne is an anti-oxidant elixir ideal for performing a drainage massage on the face. Enriched with a polysaccharide from French Polynesia which purifies the skin from the urban pollutants that cause premature ageing of the skin.
Extract of French Champagne, Protector from Urban Pollution.

Skin 5 Growth Factor Multi Purpose Factor:
Fluid composed of proteoglycans and 5 growth factors selected for their powerful ability to rejuvenate the appearance & quality of the skin, specifically primed to guarantee their action when applied to the skin.
5 Growth Factors (EGF, IGF, a-FGF, b-FGF, VEGF), Soluble Proteoglycans.

Damask Rose Stem Cells Concentrate:
Concentrate with 6 million stem cells obtained from the Damask Rose, stabilized in a fluid gel very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. These are plant stem cells specially selected for their clinical effectiveness at reducing the signs of cell ageing in the skin.
6M Damask Rose Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid.

Collagen 3D Mask, Face & Neck:
Native Collagen mask to stimulate and firm the skin. 3D structure to improve adaptability and promote the action of the anti-oxidant multi vitamin cocktail. Professional product for giving body, softening wrinkles and bringing suppleness to the skin in just one session.
Native Collagen (>92%).

Anti-oxidant Multi-vitamin Cocktail:
Intensive multi-vitamin complex ideal for revitalizing tired or ageing skin types. Combination of three hydrating & anti-oxidant vitamins working in synergy to activate, strengthen and nourish the skin instantly.
Vitamin B3 + ProB5 + C.

White Truffle Re-densifying Cream:
Luxury re-densifying cream prepared with a delicate extract of Italian white truffle, capable of acting in more than 40,000 genes