Oxygen (O2) Skin Advanced Programme & Pollution Block:

Eternal Youth Professional Treatment with Plant Stem Cells:
1. Nano-Liposomes Plant Stem Cells Concentrate:
2. Deep Carrier Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate:
3. Cryogenic Lifting Solution:
4. Polymerized Creamy Re-Balancing Mask:

Extra-concentrated biological product made from plant origin stem cell nanoliposomes. It revitalises the stem cells in the epidermis, while also stimulating
synthesis of the skin's vital component substance. In turn, the skin recovers the volume lost with age.
Reinforced with silicon and hyaluronic acid to obtain a spectacular short-term redensifying effect.
Mixture of agents that can improve the solubility of topically conveyed active ingredients. It increases the
skin-cosmetic distribution coefficient, as well as skin barrier permeability with respect to active ingredients. Has AHA & natural oil extracts.
Solution containing cryogenic agents that reduce the external temperature of the epidermis and fix the plant stem cells to the skin. This produces a very
intense, long-lasting anti-ageing action. It is enriched with innovative cosmetic agents that immediately reaffirm the skin, and provide a more natural and long–lasting “lifting” effect.
Creamy polymerizable mask with an exclusive format that acts in three different ways: thanks to its rich ceramide content. It restores the skin's protection