HA Intensive Concentrate .5%:
An intensive concentrate for hydrating skin in depth. Contains an extremely high concentration of hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight, in a size created for moisturising the deepest layers of the epidermis (in-vitro).
Main ingredients: Hyaluronic acid with a very low molecular weight (1.5%).

Aquaporin Massage Gel:
A non-oily moisturising gel for facial massage in the cabin. Created to condition the skin and recover an optimum level of hydration. With Xylitol and its by-products which structure and harmonise the skin’s internal hydrodynamic.
Main ingredients: Xylitol and its by-products.

HA Ultra Hydrating Gel 0.25%:
A moisturising gel with a high content of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, in a size which creates a protective film and helps to hydrate and condition the skins’s surface.
Main ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid with a high and low molecular weight (0.25%).

Polarised Water:
A polarised water solution, using a process which allows a larger quantity of molecular water to be packed in a smaller space. Encapsulated in liposomes for better diffusion throughout the skin.
Main ingredient: Polarised water encapsulated in liposomes.

Selenite Stones:
In the massage stage with HA Ultra Hydrating Gel, relaxing strokes are to be made on the skin with two selenite stones. Selenite is a mineral associated with water. It is one of the first minerals to be formed by the evaporation of sea water ( lakes and closed water).