Biological For Lifting Effect Massage:

Biological For Lifting Effect Massage:
Biological professional formula with a studied combination of
concentrated vegetable extracts designed for raising droopy eyes and
diminishing dark circles and bags under-eyes.
Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin), Centella Asiatica
( T E C A ) ,

Comfort Mask Veil:
Impregnated veil mask to soothe and refresh eye contour.
Formulated with a plant complex and micro-algae designed to
soothe and repair the delicate area of eye contour.
Blue Lotus, Aloe Vera, Clorella Vulgaris.

Strengthening Eyelash Gel:
Moisturizing and conditioning gel formulated with GHK biotine and
Pro-Vitamin B5, which provides more density and anchorage to
Biotine GHK, Panthenol.

Iluminating Wrinkle Repair Cream:
Anti-wrinkle cream for eye contour. Formulated with hyaluronic acid
and optical technology levelers.