Pure C Concentrate 15%:
Concentrate for giving instant light and radiance to the skin. It contains a high concentration of ascorbic acid, together with other natural acids that quickly improve the skin’s appearance.
Main ingredients: Pure Vitamin C (15.0%), Anogeissus Leiocarpus. Ext.,

2 ml Ampoule.
Pomegranate Concentrate 6%:
Fluid rich in anti-oxidant properties, made with a high content of grenadine extract. Its anti-free radical action complements the activity of the concentrated ascorbic acid, creating a radiant light effect.
Main ingredients: Grenadine Extract (6.0%, HG solution), 25 ml dropper bottle.

Aloe Vera Mask:
Creamy mask made with Aloe Vera, with a calming, refreshing effect. For use on face, neck and cleavage. Recommended for comforting and hydrating damaged and/or dehydrated skins.
Main ingredients: Aloe Vera Extract, α-Bisabolol 150 ml Tube.

Energizing Cream SPF15:
Day cream with high absorption Vitamin C and grenadine extract, anti-oxidant combination for a more radiant light effect. Formulated to illuminate and unify the skin tone. SPF 15. Do not apply to eyes or mucous secretion areas.
Main ingredients: Vitamin C derivative (3%), Grenadine Ext. 10 ml tube.