Deep Exfloliant Gel, with Micro-Crystal Diamond Cuts:
Cleansing foam gel with micro-crystal diamond cuts, especially for men’s skin. Enriched with Dragon’s Blood extract, which enhance the renewal affect of the brushing act, and improves micro-healing.

Deep Moisturizing Concentrate:
Formulated with taurine, an osmoregulating active ingredient that protects the cells hydration levels and prevents the skin from becoming damaged from sudden hydration changes. Enriched with a mixture of organic silicium, vitamin C and thermal water, created to restore and maintain the homoeostasis–balance- of men’s skin.

Anti-Stress Toning Massage Cream:
Toning cream for a professional, long-lasting and in-depth massage. The cream is non-oily and does not leave any residue. At the professional’s discretion, the cream can be mixed with small amounts of essential oils or Skeyndor’s specific ampules to enhance the massaging effect.

De-Congesting Facial Mask Powder Phase/Tonic Phase:
Peel-off mask that restore the external balance of congested skins, standardizing the elasticity and hydration of the corneous layer. It controls the excess temperature and intensifies the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the biological complex. Contains fresh mango cells.