Anti Gravity Lifting Programme

Anti Gravity Lifting Programme:
Restores fullness to the face and neck.
1. Active Firming Gel:
A non-oily emollient gel for in-salon facial massage, with tensing and firming properties. Menyanthes trifoliata, chlorella vulgaris, probiotic lysate, amino acids.

2. Anti-Gravity Serum:
A serum formulated to produce a global lifting effect on the skin. Specifically for treating loose mature skins and skin suffering from premature ageing due to the sun or weight loss activities. Enriched
with hydrolysed collagen and organic silicon which strengthen the supporting properties of the skin.
Biomimetic peptide derived from elafin, black pepper, collagen, organic silicon.

3. Immediate Lift Action Mask:
A lifting mask for the face and neck, with a wrinkle-ironing effect. Its patch-like format gives spectacular and immediate firming results with professionalism and efficiency.
Yeast cell lysate, asian centella, aloe vera.

4. Lift Contour Cream:
A face and neck cream based on anti-age technology [ProGEN-in]. An advanced cosmetic that gives a global firming effect and restores fullness to the jaw line. [ProGEN-in] Technology, alaria algae extract, lupin