Timeless Peel Sequential System:

Timeless Peel Sequential System:
It combines the action of 3 AHA's; Glycolic and lactic acid with a renovating action to treat medium wrinkles and mandelic acid to minimize pores.

Microabrasive Peel Ultrasound:
Micro-dermoabrasive gel designed to exfoliate the most external layer of the cornea stratum by mechanical action. Cleanses, purifies, and prepares the skin for the treatment with higher penetrating exfoliating agents.
Main ingredients
Diamond micro-particles.

Spray Pre Peel:
Slightly acidic solution to prepare the skin for acid peeling treatments. It contains an active acid that comforts the skin during more aggressive treatments.
Main ingredients
4-t Butylcyclohexanol (TRVP antagonist), pH 4.2.

Timeless Acid Peel:
AHA concentrated solution which activates the natural degradation of the intercellular unions of the dermis. It accelerates the renovation of the external layer of
the skin and smoothes the micro-relief.
Main ingredients
Glycolic 25%, Lactic 15%, Mandelic acids 10% pH 3.3.

Enzymatic Peel:
Enzyme solution which dissolves the main component of the corneocytes - keratine -
reducing the thickness of the external layer of the skin.
Main ingredients
Protease, Lysozyme.

Timeless Biological Peel:
Biomimetic peptide concentrated solution that weakens the inter-cellular unions of
the most internal layers of the epidermis. It stimulates the renovation of epidermis at
the deep skin layers to stimulate the creation of new skin cells thus minimizing pores
and wrinkles.
Main ingredients
Biomimetic peptide DSG encapsulated in liposomes.

Neutralising Post Peel Mask:
Neutralizing mask to rebalance skin’s pH after the treatment with AHA, and to inhibit
the activity of enzymatic agents. Its refreshing texture immediately soothes the skin.