Promotes the balance of the epi-cutaneous layer. Restores the ingredients of the corneal layer.

Anti-Redness Factor: Helps to improve the appearance of red lines and persistent redness.
Lift-Collagen Thermal Factor: Thermal solution formulated with pure marine collagen (99%) to improve the firmness of sensitive skin.
Re-Balancing Thermal Mask With O2: Creamy mask formulated with spring water with rebalancing effects in sensitive skin types. Refreshes, moisturizes and soothes congested skin or redness.
High Tolerance Revitalizing Cream: Moisturizing cream for all types of sensitive skin. Formulated with Q10, a significant anti-oxidant. Promotes natural recovery of reactive skin, strengthening its against external aggressions.

Main ingredients: Made with Spring thermal water from Salies-de-Béarn (France). The highest magnesium (Mg) concentration in thermal water within the world.
Pre-biotic sugars: Natural substances that stimulate the proliferation of the beneficial cutaneous flora.
Ceramides: The main lipids of the extra cellular cement within the corneal layer.
Highly Pure Marine Collagen (99%), Pumpkin Extract, Co-enzyme Q10, Dermo-Saccharides, Perfluorocarbons, De-Congestant Plant Extracts