Meso Infusion DCS:

Meso Infusion DCS:
MESO INFUSION DCS has been designed to provide aesthetic therapy treatments using cosmetics by means of activating currents, hydro electrophoresis, electroporation. It is also known as virtual or needless mesotherapy.

The type of current used is not only direct, but also uninterrupted and of a constant intensity. Activating current is
recommended to increase activation and vascularisation of the tissues under treatment. Its main effect consists on inducing skin to keep balance by means of its own hydration, regeneration and renovation resources.

Non-traumatic method that uses pulsed current with fixed polarity to force the penetration of diluted active ingredients into the tissues. This allows molecular transport through the epidemic barrier.

Electroporation is a non-invasive alternative to conventional mesotherapy. This is why it has been called virtual or needle-free mesotherapy (painless procedure) that allows the introduction of active ingredients at specific

Pain free technique used to tonify and vasoconstrict the tissues treated by means of electroporation. It brings the temperature down to around 6ºC to stimulate the skin and to tonify it after the treatment session.