Protect your Skin from the Sun

Best Tips to Protect your Skin from the Sun

It’s summer again, and it’s time to hit the beaches, flaunt summer dresses, quench the thirst with cold drinks, and have fun. But along with the enjoyment that comes with the summer season, comes skin issues too due to the sun. Having sun-damaged skin can make anyone worried, but there are ways to protect your skin the sun and keep your skin glowing and healthy. 

Easy and Effective Ways to Protect your Skin from the Sun

  1. Slather on your Sunscreen

This one is obvious. Applying sunscreen is important because it protects the skin from harmful sun rays. There are many benefits of applying sunscreen, such as:
  • It delays the signs of ageing. We all want radiant, healthy and youthful-looking skin. However, staying for too long under the sun can lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. In other words, wearing a sunscreen helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of premature ageing. 
  • Another notable benefit of applying sunscreen is that it keeps your skin protected against the sun’s broad spectrum of UV rays. Sunscreen works effectively in protecting us against sunrays by minimizing the penetration of harmful UV rays into the skin. Even the mildest of sunburns can lead to skin damage, and that is why it is important to apply sunscreen. 
  • Over exposure to the sun is one of the leading causes of uneven skin tone and applying sunscreen every day can help you get even-toned complexion. 
Sunscreen has many benefits to offer, and so you must apply sunscreen on a daily basis to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Also, make sure to reapply your sunscreen every two hours to provide proper protection to your skin. 
Skeyndor’s Sun Expertise Line has the best products to keep your skin protected from the sun. Try them to get rid of suntan and prevent sun damage. 

2. Wear Sun-Proof Clothing

In addition to sunscreen, wearing clothes that cover your skin also helps in protecting skin against sun damage. Long-sleeved shirts, pants, and skirts can provide extra protection from the harmful sun rays. 

3. Sunglasses are Also Important

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses as they provide proper protection to your eyes from UV rays and also reduce the risk of cataract. In addition, wearing a sunglass will also protect the delicate skin around your eyes from sun exposure. 
Go for sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays as they provide the best protection.

4. Avid Going Out during Peak Hours

One of the simple, best and easiest ways to prevent the sun from damaging your skin is that you avoid peak sun. Try not to schedule outdoor activities between 10 am to 4 pm. If you do, then make sure to use sunscreen and take your hat, sunglasses and an umbrella with you. This will make your skin protected from sun damage. 

5. Add These Foods to Your Diet

· Blueberries
 Filled with antioxidants, blueberries help a lot in fighting off free radicals leading to skin damage due to sun exposure and stress. They are also loaded with vitamin C that help delay the signs of ageing. Add blueberries to your diet to keep your skin safe from sun damage. 
· Nuts and Seeds
Walnuts, chia seeds, flax, and hemp seeds all contain omega-3 essential fatty acids that keep our skin glowing and healthy. 
· Tomatoes
Packed with flavanols and lycopene, tomatoes can help a lot in increasing sun protection. Add tomatoes to your diet to keep protected from the sun. 
· Olive Oil
Olive oil contains omega 3 and is also filled with healthy fats that protect the skin from inflammation and sun damage. 
· Leafy Greens
Leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach are packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that protect the skin from sun damage. Eat leafy greens on a regular basis to protect your skin from the sun. 
· Apple
An apple a day can keep all your skin worries away. Apples are filled with antioxidants, vitamin E and other essential vitamins that keep the skin safe from sun damage. Eating an apple every day will surely keep your skin safe from the sun. 
· Watermelon

Watermelon has hydrating properties and is refreshing in the heat. It is also loaded with lycopene, vitamins A and C that protects cells from UV damage. 

6. Try Home Remedies

There are some quick, simple and effective home remedies that you can try to protect your skin from harmful sunrays:
  • Gram Flour
Gram flour helps treat suntan, sunburns and brown spots effectively. It acts as an excellent exfoliant and makes skin smoother, brighter and flawless. Mix some water into gram flour and make a smooth paste. Apply the pack on the affected areas and leave the mask on your skin for about 15 minutes. Then, wash it off using lukewarm water. You can try this home remedy two times a week for best results. 
  • Honey and Papaya 
Honey nourishes and hydrates the skin and makes it softer and firmer. Papaya, on the other hand, protects the skin from sun exposure. Make a homemade mask by mixing a half cup of mashed papaya with one tablespoon of honey. Apply this honey and papaya mixture all over your face and wash it off after half an hour.
  • Cucumber, Lemon Juice and Rose Water

Both cucumber and rose water have cooling and soothing properties that soothes irritated skin and also effective in treating sunburn. On the other hand, lemon juice contains citric acid that boosts cell production and rejuvenation in the skin. Make a smooth pack by mixing cucumber juice, rose water and lemon juice and apply it on your face. Apply this pack thoroughly on your face and rinse it off with cold water after 10 minutes. 
  • Potato Juice
Potatoes have catecholase enzyme that helps reduce dark spots, acne scars and blemishes. It is also loaded with potassium that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Vitamin B6 present in potatoes improves new cell formation. Rub affected areas with cold slices of potato to take the tan off and keep your skin glowing. 
These were some of the highly effective tips to protect your skin from the sun. Follow these tips to protect your skin from the sun and keep your skin glowing and healthy forever.