Facts about Sunscreen

6 Facts about Sunscreen That'll Blow Your Mind Away

Sunscreen is one product that should be a part of your every day skincare routine, owing to its various benefits. Sun exposure is a major factor that contribute to the skin's ageing process. Applying sunscreen helps protect your skin from sun exposure and sun damage and also helps you maintain even-looking, glowing, youthful and flawless skin. Regular use of sunscreen on the skin helps in preventing dark spots. 

Here are Some of the Facts about Sunscreen you Must Know About

1. SPF should be Used Daily

Many people make this common mistake of not applying sunscreen on cloudy days, but that should not be done. You should apply sunscreen every day, and not just on sunny days or during summers. Dermatologists say that protecting your skin from UV damage is the best way to maintain the health of your skin. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen every morning. Use a sunscreen with at least an SPF15 every day. If you be outside, increase your SPF. Do not forget to reapply after two hours. 

2. What your SPF Number Indicates

Do you know what the number on your sunscreen actually means? We can give you some insight. SPF stands for sun protection factor and rit efers to the ability of the sunscreen to protect from the sun's rays and varies for the individual. If you use a product with broad-spectrum SPF, it will make you look younger and also decrease your risk of skin cancer. 

3. You can Find an SPF that Suits your Skin's Needs

You can match SPF to your skin type because there are so many products available in the market and you will easily be able to find a sunscreen and sprays that are oil-free, fragrance-free, hydrating, or whatever that your skin needs. You can use a SPF that suits your skin's needs whether you have sensitive, combination, oily or dry skin. 

4. Reapply after Two Hours

Sunscreen has to be reapplied after every two hours to provide the best protection against sun damage. So, next time when you apply sunscreen, don't forget to apply it after every two to three hours. 

5. Sunscreen is not a 'DIY' Product

'Do it yourself' products are doing their rounds in many households lately. Many people prefer making products at their home such as shampoo, face wash, body scrub, etc. because they are afraid of the chemicals used in products available in the market. However, sunscreen is not a 'do it yourself' product and if you are afraid of the chemicals, look for products that don't contain harsh chemicals. 

6. Don't Use it Solo to Protect your Skin

While it is true that sunscreen provides excellent protection from sun rays, but you have to do some other things too to provide your skin maximum protection. Wear sun-proof clothing, carry an umbrella, and wear a hat and sunglasses to keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

These are some of the important facts about sunscreen that you must know about. So, next time when you are out in the sun, do not forget to use your sunscreen. Always carry one in your bag and reapply every two hours for flawless looking skin.