The ultimate secret to happy skin

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Your smile conveys several things; it not only reflects your state of your mind but also the state of your skin.
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Keeping your skin spotlessly clean is essential. However, with the rising stress and pollution levels, it can be quite an uphill task. Also with extensive cleansing, your skin is likely to lose moisture. Therefore, it is important not only to keep your skin clean but also retain its moisture. Choose a cleanser wisely that not only wipe the impurities away but also replenishes the facial skin with the required moisture and nutrients. Follow up this process with a toner to shrink your pores size, thus controlling breakouts.

Moisturise regularly
Other than a smile, one of the greatest ways to wipe out the sulking expression on your face is to treat your face with a luxurious amount of moisturiser or day/night cream. Pamper yourself by massaging the cream in a circular motion onto your skin. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips with some balm as well.

Once in a while, treat your dull skin to the goodness of a mashed papaya and honey mask. It’s extremely effective in brightening up your face and must be your end-of-day skin care regime to achieve glowing skin.

Protection against UV rays
Whatever the season may be, don’t forget to lather your face with sunscreen.
Other than these beauty essentials, a good lifestyle and a happy state of mind also contribute to a smiling skin. So, make sure you incorporate them as well.