Professional Products – Derma Peel Urban White Line

dermapeel-Derma Peel Professional Pack is a cosmetic treatment for Beauty institutes which require an exfoliation treatment that is comparable to those offered by medical-aesthetic clinics for pigmented, dull, dark & tanned


1. Diamond Skin Exfoliating Gel
2. Comfort Re-balancing Facial
3. Skin Exfoliating Factor -Phase I 4.Enzymatic Factor- Phase II
4. Neutralising Fresh Mask

DPI 10 Plus Ultra Sonic Machine: 

The ultrasonic spatula is a device that is highly valued by beauty care professionals. It is widely used and produces very good results in facial treatments. The technique is based on combining mechanical and electrical vibrations, at a frequency of 25000 vibrations per second, with 6 loud speakers that enhance the sonophoresis.  Excellent results are obtained in skin cleansing, and reducing wrinkles, blackheads and blemishes, leaving the skin more radiant, pure and elastic