Peelings & Phials

Soft Peeling

Peeling to eliminate dead cells from the corneal layer and to stimulate biochemical changes in the epidermis. The skin is then ready to receive any treatment.


Ideal product to achieve luminosity and provide moisture content for the skin. It speeds up the elimination of flakes that naturally come off the epidermis. Main ingredients:
Glycolic acid. (Normal to Mature Skin)

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Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating creamy peel to eliminate dead cells from the corneal layer. For all skin types.

SK-Enzyme Peeling (Active Lotion + Diluting Emulsion)

“ The most powerful anti-oxidant ever created is coming soon to India”POWER C+:

Enzymatic treatment to exfoliate the skin. Contains a protease of biotechnological origin with keratolytic activity that rapidly eliminates any dead cells from the corneal layer, speeding the renewal of the epidermis.

Collagen + Elastin Factor

The amino acids that come from mixing collagen and elastine of marine origin together with concentrated moisturizing products with immediate effect.