Natural Defence Line

Hydration Complex Concentrate:

Intensive moisturizing complex for the different skin layers. Copies the natural moisturizing factor NMF and gives amazing results.

Main ingredients: Pentavitin, Hyaluronic acid, Hydroviton 24h, Pyrrolidone sodium carboxylate.
(Dry Skin)

Radiance Flash 8H:

Biological product of vegetal origin designed to bring smoothness, brightness and softness to the skin and to erase any sings of stress or tiredness. Immediate and spectacular action. Perfect as a make-up base.

Main ingredient: Soya proteins.
(Bridal Glow)

Anti-Age Active Concentrate:

Revitalizing complex in 2.5 ml phials for a complete and in-depth treatment of wrinkles, with anti-free radicals and anti-ageing properties. With continuous use it gives a smooth, satin finish.

Main ingredients: Hydroxyproline Hydrolysed vegetal proteins + Chondroitin sulfate + ATP (available energy) Apple extract Palmitoyl pentapeptide 3.
(Mature Skin)

Soft Cleansing Milk:

Gentle cleansing emulsion for daily care & hygiene of the epidermis. Excellent as a make-up remover for all skin types. Respects skin pH level leaving it smooth and transparent.

Main ingredients: PEG-30 Glycerl stearate, a – Bisabolol, Alantoin.
(All Skin Types)

Aloe Rich Tonic:

Alcohol free tonic with effective firming, moisturizing and soothing results. Contains amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates of vegetal origin that give the skin a smooth, satin finish.

Main ingredients: Aloe Vera, Marine elastin, Hydrolysed rice protein.
(All Skin Types)

Rich Nutriv Cream:

Nourishing and firming night cream, formulated with a synergetic combination of amino acids, oligoelements and vitamins that obtain an in-dept chrono-revitalization of the skin, achieving greater firmness and brightness.

Main ingredients: Magnesium aspartate, Zinc & Copper glucamate, Panthenol, Vit. A, Vit. E, Vit. C, Vit. F.
(All Skin Types)

Finish Rides Cream:

Multiple action night cream: Activates cellular breathing and therefore skin’s tissue renewal. Increases the available energy (ATP). Restores the damaged barrier, while moisturizing and healing. Preserves the corneal layer from UV aggressions. With continual use wrinkles in the epidermis fill up from the base.

Main ingredients: Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, Revitalin BT, Panthenol, Retinol & Tocopherol Palmitate.
(Mature & Damaged Skin)

Ultra-Moisturizing Cream 24H:

Cream with lasting moisturizing agents. Contains L-PCA, which, together with the moisturizing agents copy the natural moisturizing factor and keep skin’s moisture levels for 24 hours. It has also been enriched with marine plankton which activates creamide synthesis. All skin types.

Main ingredients: Pentavitin Lauryle Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid (L-PCA) Hygroplex Marine plankton Ceramides Vitamins A & E.
(Dry to Normal)

B.B. Cream:

Instant perfection product with “healthy glow” effect and includes anti-ageing action. B.B. Cream Age Defence is ideal for recommending as an oncology cosmetic product. Its paraben-free formula and immediate “healthy glow“ effect are considered major characteristics for cosmetics intended for women suffering from this disease. It can be freely used on all skin types to obtain an attractive skin tone.

Available tones: Three tones according to skin phototype–very light skin, light skin and dark skin.

Main ingredients: Anti-oxidant extract, biomimetic peptide of skin proteins

C.C. Cream:

Colour Correction Anti-Age. Protection SPF30. Colour Correcting Technology, Multifunctional Cosmetics, Hybrid Cosmetic Technology, Ideal Skin Tone. Instant colour correction with a “looking good or ideal skin tone effect, antiage effect and SPF30 protection.

Available tones: Three tones according to skin phototype–very light skin, light skin and dark skin.

Main ingredients: Anti-oxidant extract, biomimetic peptide of skin proteins