MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR has also designed a range of mesocosmetics, offering an extensive but controlled supply of active ingredients for each treatment.

The active ingredients have been selected from among the most effective on the market, choosing those that adapt best to the characteristics of our equipment, thereby optimizing their effectiveness and maximizing results.

Extra-concentrated formulated phials with delivery systems and penetration agents for transporting the active ingredients to the deepest layers, and guaranteeing that the pure active ingredients are perfectly conserved.

These are well-known for their effectiveness, having the necessary size, polarity and skin affinity to optimize the performance of the apparatus used in aesthetics.

Enriched with a polyanion of very low molecular weight, which increases the size and opening time of the channels created by the virtual needle technique (ionophoresis-electroporation), multipying the effective cellular absorption of the active ingredients.

Mesofiller (Face):

A meso-cosmetic treatment formulated to soften wrinkles and expression lines and increase the firmness of the face and neck. Its active ingredients restore the cellular communication and stimulate neo-synthesis of the elements that form the skin’s structural matrix: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Ideal for skin aged by sun exposure or the natural
ageing process.

“Epidermal growth factor” that stimulates the synthesis of extra-dermal material into fibroblasts. (Filling of the dermis”)

Liposomic Polyphenols:
Reactivation of the functions of cells weakened by age. Dermostimulating effects (“Rejuvenation of the skin”)

Anti-elastase / colagenase effect and promotion of the collagen synthesis. (“Stopping of the ageing process”)

Mesoslim (Body):

Reducing treatment of meso cosmetic that acts on the four main points that trigger the apparition of cellulite and orange peel skin: failure in the return micro-system, imbalance in the lipolysis/ lipogenesis and body compensation effect. It also helps in reducing double chin.

Main ingredients:

Laminaria Extract:
Diminishes the accumulation of new triglycerides and promotes elimination of lipids (Diminishes the width of fatty tissue.

Sea Fennel Extract:
Natural fragrance capable of liberating molecules with remodeling activity (Increases fat catabolism)

Promotes combustion of body fat and limits the maturation of fatty cells (Reduces skin regulating time)

Artichoke Extract:
Natural drainer, helps dissolving fatty nodules. (Improves oedema and promotes elimination of toxins)

Mesofirmness (Body):

Firming treatment of meso cosmetic that acts on tissue loss caused by age, pregnancy and weight losing diets. Strengthens the elasticity of abdominal skin and internal aspect of thighs and armpits. The contour of the figure is redefined, noticeably improving the appearance of the skin. Ideal treatment for stretch marks & breast firming.

Main ingredients:
Organic Silicon and Collagenic Aminoacids:
Strengthens the cohesion of the dermal matrix and improves its firmness (Firming and anti-glycation effect).

Anti-elastase/ colagenase effect and promotion of the collagen synthesis (Increases the elasticity of the skin).

Liposomic Polyphenois:
Reactivation of the cellular functions weakened by age, dermo-stimulant effect. (Rejuvenation of skin)

Mesobright Vit. C (Face):

Mesocosmetic treatment formulated for lightening areas of skin with hyper-pigmentation. Its active ingredients balance colour, soften dark spots and delay their re-apparition. Its high contents in vitamin C helps stimulate collagen synthesis, activating natural defences and strengthening skin firmness. It brings light and leaves the skin looking even and radiant.
Main ingredients: Highly absorbable ionisable vitamin C.
Lightens melanin in the melanocytes and the lower layers of the epidermis.

Ionisable Vitamin C:
An ionisable derivate of vitamin C with medium penetration capacity and rapid action. Lightens melanin that has been transferred to corneocytes and upper layers of the epidermis.

Acid Amino-Ethylphosphinic:
Inhibits the synthesis of new melanin delaying the re-apparition of previously lightened dark spots.