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Biologic sun protection from Skeyndor is a complete range of professional sun protectors from the latest generation that allows you to enjoy the benefits of the sun in a comfortable and safe way. Its formulation is based on the combination of classical filters that minimize the damage of sun radiation, with biologic protective agents of the latest generation,created to protect from the “invisible” damage that unchain inside the skin. Main Ingredients: Golden seaweed, Thermal water from Sallies-de- Beam, UV Pearls

602Age Preventing Sun Lotion SPF30:

Spray emulsion. Ideal for a global and efficient protection for all skin types and ages. Apply when an outdoor protection is needed. Suitable for winter sports, tropical climates and for long sun exposure. UVA protection (COLIPA) Water.

 601Vanish Spots Sun Cream
DNA protection SPF20:

Cream with average sun protection (SPF20), specific for preventing biological damage caused by UV rays, especially new sun-spots.UVA protection (COLIPA). With UV-PEARL’.