Home Care Products – Natural Defence Line

Soft Cleansing Milk

Gentle cleansing emulsion for daily care & hygiene of the epidermis. Excellent as a make-up remover for all skin type. Respects skin pH level leaving it smooth & transparent.

Aloe Rich Tonic

Alcohol free tonic with effective firming, moisturizing and soothing results.

Ultra-Moisturizing Cream 24H

Cream with lasting moisturizing agents. Contains L-PCA, which, together with the moisturizing agents copy the natural moisturizing factor and keep skin’s moisture levels for 24 hours.

Finish Rides Cream
Multiple action night cream

Activates cellular breathing and therefore skin’s tissue renewal. Increases the available energy (ATP). Restores the damaged barrier, while moisturizing and healing. Preserves the corneal layer from UV aggressions.