Home Care Products – Men Line

401 Redness Preventing after Shave:
Extra-refreshing balsam that reduces irritation from shaving. Its formula enhances the healing action of Dragon’s Blood, together with a biotechnological complex that accelerates the evolution of micro-cuts reduced redness and prevents any impurities.
402Shine Control 24H Aqua Emulsion:
Deep hydration emulsion for reducing shiny, oily skin. Made with long-lasting moisturizing agents and taurine, as well as an osmoregulating active ingredients that improves the
skin’s resistance to dehydration.
 403Abdo Fitness shaping Gel- Cream:
Gel particularly indicated for quickly and efficiently reducing the abdomen. Made with a selection of active ingredients scientifically developed and tested on men. It reduces the “bad cholesterol” (LDL, VLDL) receptors in the body’s fat cells, while also stimulating the combustion of accumulated fat.
404Daily Detox Face Wash:
Triple action purifying mousse that provides in-depth skin cleansing and restores its external balance, by accelerating cell renewal. Made with glycolic acid and a combination of cleansing agen.Energizing Anti-Age Serum:

Serum that provides the skin with an invigorating dose of energy. Made with Siberian Ginseng, an adaptogen that stabilizes cell metabolism and activates the immune system, improving the skin’s resistance to stress and extreme atmospheres.