Home Care Products – Derma Peel Urban White Line

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New Skin Foaming Cleanser:
A Cleansing mousse with lactic acid combined with arginine. A patented system for releasing AHAs that gives sustained renovation, without irritation.
Spot Eraser Cream
With a specific formula containing wide spectrum de-pigmentation agents created to quickly lighten the tone of all types of skin spots or pigmentation. Apply only to pigmented areas.
Overnight Serum:
A de-pigmentation serum designed to improve the appearance of skin spots or acne marks. Its concentrated formula helps renovate the epidermis, unifying the skin tone and softening tiny skin flaws.
Shield Day Cream:
A de-pigmentation cream that lightens skin spots and unifies the skin tone. It contains a singular exopolysaccharide that protects the skin from the main urban pollutants that darken the skin. with SPF20 protection.