Home Care Products – Corrective Line

 101Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream:
Cream for filling-in deep wrinkles
and softening expression lines on
the face. It contains internal tissue
redensifiers and skin fill-in
substances. It is reinforced with
skin-lifting agents.
102Eye Expression Lines Eraser:
Specific product for relaxing the
expression lines around the eye
contour. It contains a combination
of skin-lifting agents and skin fill-in
substances, which produce an
immediate face-lifting sensation.
103Expression Lines Serum:
Serum for smoothing the deep
wrinkles and expression lines on
the face. It contains neural
-inhibitor agents and skin-lifting
peptides with pre and post-synaptic
104Instant Lip contour Filler:
Specific product for Filling in and relaxing deep wrinkles around the lip contour. It contains internal tissues redensifiers,skin-lifting agent and skin fill in the substances.its creamy texture nourishes and hydrates the delicates skin on the lips,providing them with the necessary protection and comfort..