Oriental Spa

Oriental Senses Spa Range

Oriental senses is a synergy of numerous essential components that come from spices and essential oils which can relax the body and mind when combined with specific manual therapies.

The treatments are based on working the chakras, which are essential for working and balancing energies.

Myrrh Essential Oil – Indigo – Immunity stimulant effects.

Lavender Essential Oil – Turquoise – Used for its regenerative and muscle relaxing action.

Neroli Essential Oil – Green – Powerful calming agent that rests the organism and relieves anxiety and stress.

Lemon Essential Oil – Yellow – Energetic essential oil that enables the organism to fight efficiently against nervous tension.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Orange – This flower has a happy, sensual aroma that stimulates and tones.

Indian Peel Butter:

Renovating body cream with balancing effect. Sesame, jojoba and turmeric give this peeling the benefit and power of the Ayurveda world. The client experiences a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being with an invigorating, restructuring treatment.

Main ingredient:Sesame, Indian Saffron, Jojoba, Avocado, Beeswax (1000 ml jar).

Tridosha Massage Oil with Indian Spices:

The 5 basic elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether are combined in this oil that is made up of the three humours Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

A perfect balance between these three doshas is essential for the physiological conditions that  converge in this massage .

Main ingredient: Coconut, Sesame, Indian saffron, Neem, Poppy (1000 ml jar).

Croma – Senses Oils (Hot and Cold):

Preparations based on essential oils that help to stimulate our body’s most important energy points. These points play a vital role in bodies and minds that are subject to tense, stressful situations or feelings of fear or insecurity that have a direct effect on our psychic and physical imbalance (100 ml jar).