Gemo Thermal Spa Range

Gemo Thermal Spa Range

Gem therapy, or therapy that uses stones, uses their energy and vibration to release physical tension and restore balance, because they can reach areas of the body that are blocked and release them.

Thermal Spring Salt Body Polish:

Thermal salts peeling with great renovating effect. The rich mineral salt content makes this peeling a direct introduction to the world of well-being and relaxing therapies. It contains Salies-de-Béarn thermal salts that are well-known for their mineral-medicinal properties that restore balance to both mind and body.

Main ingredient: Salies-de-Béarn salt (800 ml jar).

Invigorating Body Wrap with Sapphire:

Body wrap with sapphire particles, A soft, velvety texture that provides vitality and dynamics to improve tissue tone and release muscle tension. Applied as a body wrap or used for massage, it provides maximum comfort and softness.

Main ingredient: Sapphire dust (2500 ml bottle).

Anti-Fatigue Gelly Massage Oil with Malachite:

Gelly massage oil with malachite. Valued treatment for balancing energy and releasing tensions to increase mind and body harmony. This oil is used in specialised massage therapies and has powerful hydration and nutritional properties that increase the skin’s defences and restores radiance. It also promotes skin dynamics and has effective anti-free radical activity.

Main ingredient: Malachite (500 ml jar).


Thermal Spring Bath Water Concentrate:

Essential thermal  bath based on a water concentrate from Salies-de-Béarn. Its delicious fragrance carries you away to the world of relaxation, well-being and complete rest. After bathing the client experiences a renewed energy flow and immediate well-being, and therefore manages to remove the negative energies that interfere with the oxidation and ageing process.

Main ingredient: Thermal water concentrate from Salies-de-Béarn (250 ml jar)..