Body Care





Body Sculpt is the result of research into new active ingredients that can treat the most common disorders,Such as cellulite or flaccid skin. In addition, this research also considers that the body shaping enters must Respond to the most demanding requests of their clients who need visible , effective results.


1. Introductory Factory

ily Hypericum perforatum extract, suitable for preventing aesthecic effects caused by status of anxiety. Stimulates the release of B-endorphins, producing a feeling of inner well-being.Active ingredients: St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum Ext.)


2. Genesulpt Concentrate

An ionisable professional biological concentrate formulated with Oenanthe javanica extract in Isorhamnetin(Isr), a new molecule that suppresesthe human adipose stem cells (hAMSCs, in-vitrol). Acts on the origin of the cellulite, bringing a longer-lasting reducing effect.
Active ingredients: Caffeine and caffeine deriv, Carnitine, Oenanthe javanica(IsR)Ext.


3.Lipolysis Enhancer Massage Gel

A heat-effect massage gel that softens the apperance of the cold areas affected by cellutite with excess deposits of fat, Its formula, with raspberry extract, helps dissolve the solid fat modules, facilitating the mobilization of the fatty cellulite componentActive ingredients: Raspberry (Fisentin+Frambionel) Ext, Brazilian Pepper. (Schinus Terebinthifolius)


4. Draining Enhancer Massager Gel

A cold-effect massage gel that reduces the swollen apperance of the skin caused by fluid retention on the abdomen and legs. Formulated with Artichoke and Dandelion mother fincture, with an anti-oedema and vasoprotector effect that removes retained fluids and prevents them for reappearing.Active ingredients: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis) MT, Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)MT, Ruscus (Ruscus aculeatus), MT Goldenrod (Solidago virgaureal)Ext,Lemon Citrus Limon)Ext. (Ruscus Ext + MT Goldenrod)




Professional Pack Products


(1)Stubborn Areas Sculping Concentrate.

An ionisable, professional biological product based on amino acids and phosphocreatine precursors that improve tones in fissues with a ertain degree of afrophy and flaccidity, caused mainly by a lack of physical exercise. It contains a specific active ingredient reverse premature flaccidness of skin.Main ingredients: Phosphocreatine Precursors, Chlorella Vulgaris, Anti Celluites.


(2)Zone Sculpiting Massage Cream:

A massage cream for professional use recommended for enhancing the dermo-toning effects of the massage by means of a natural substance that strengthens the bio-mechanical function of the dermis, re-tensing the skin’s supportive structures. made with mango butter, a soft base with a stimulating tropical aroma, rich in non-saponcificable substances, that contains known anti-aging properties.main ingredients: mango butter, Oil soluble Java plum Extract.Water retention & Oedema/Body Toning.



on the fusion of oriental and occidental cosmentic principals.On the union of millenary extracts and essences with active ingredients of the latest generation.On the connexion between natural therapies and holistic therapies.”Principal of the contraries”Hydro-soluble substances fight fat and lipo-soluble substance compensate the excess of toxines and water. It works on – fat, lipolysis, Lipogenesis, AdipogenesisOn water retention and toxins on the remodelling of the whole area.


(3)Firming Lift-up Bandage

Firming bandage designed to solve beauty problems associated with sagging skin, especially those arising from the use of firming appliances(vacuum therapy, ultracavitation)Impregnate with Asian pennywort extract, a plant with high firming power that is ideal for use as a complement in radical anti-cellulite treatment due to its anti-oedema and anti-inflammatory effects. Slightly cold and with a soft prefume, they firm the body through an effective, comfortable. easy to appy treatment. Main ingredients: Asian Pennywort and Hops.



spaTo increase the curative properties of water, Spas were created as spaces for well-being,health and beauty where water san take body and mind beyond the realms of just relaxation and pleasue. Hydrotherapy combined with aromatherapy is capable of balancing our body,Toning muscles and softening skin, whilst colours and smells can take us to an imaginary world where dreams become reality. Submerge yourself in the new sensations that SPA from Skeyndor offers