Algy Masks

SK-Algymask Brightening Mask

Protects the skin from the cellular ageing produced by sun radiation and skin stress. Stimulates collagen synthesis. Activates the skin’s natural defences.

SK-Shine Control Pure Mask

Softens the skin’s micro contours, hiding small imperfections. It fights the skin’s flora which is responsible for the impurities in oily skins. Stimulates collagen synthesis, and is specially indicated for correcting slight marks left by acne.

SK-Q-l0 Supply Mask

Stimulates the synthesis of natural emollients that form the skin’s protective layer.

SK-Sensitive Recovery Mask

T7 specifically selected plant extract. Specially indicated for fine, sensitive and irritated skins. The special formula makes it possible to control irritations and to also
provide controlled treatment for capillaries or spider veins.

collagen (1)
SK- Rich Nourishing Face Mask

Formulated to act as nutritional shock complement for the skin. Based on: Proteins from Coconut Pulp (to provide amino acids that form enzymes, fibers, hormones and cells metabolism) Quick assimilation sugars from Honey (source of quick energy for cell metabolism) Essential fatty acids from Rosehip.

SKAlgymask Regenerating Collagen Veil Mask

Conserves, fortifies, improves and restructures the skin. Gently weaves insoluble collagen fibres, creating a velvety 3D grid with very fine pores. Immediate moisture, activate circulation supplies elasticity, improves skin tone restructures epidermis, strengthening, detoxifying and soothing.