Advance Kit – Derma Peel Urban White Line


The Derma Peel Advanced Kit offers professionals a new concept in exfoliation treatment : biological exfoliation. This is a new tissue renovation strategy that acts by specifically weakening the desmosomal adhesion of the skin, but without affecting the integrity of the cells.
(1) Peel Targeted Factor
(2) New Skin Day Cream

URBAN WHITE ADVANCED KITURBAN WHITE is part of a new generation of skin lightening treatments that act directly in the heart of colour producing cells, ‘the biological depigmenting agents’. It is an innovative strategy for depigmenting skin blemishes caused by the sun and ageing (induced pigmentation) and for lightening the natural tone of dark skins (genetic or constituitive pigmentation).
(1) White Targeted Factor (ultra-clarifying Factor)
(2) Urban Shield Day Cream: (Clarifying Protective Cream)